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Will SLEAV™ fit into my pocket?

Yes, SLEAV™ is only 3.5 x .75 x .82 inches; it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse.

What can I use my SLEAV™ to filter?

SLEAV™ was designed with vape and cannabis users alike.  It will filter vapor or smoke exhaled from any vape, pen, paper, or glass piece; however the housing straps are designed to accept devices no larger than .5" x .5".

Is SLEAV™ re-usable?

Yes, the silicone housing of the SLEAV™ is reusable and dishwasher safe; The only piece you need to replace is the filter cartridge.

Are the plastics used to make SLEAV™ safe to put near my mouth?

Yes, SLEAV™ is made of food grade silicone and plastics which are safe for contact with humans.

How often should I replace the disposable filter?

For optimal performance, we recommend that you switch out your filter after 250-300 exhales, but every user is different, if you see your filtration is diminishing, it's time to re-up on your cartridges.

How do I assemble my SLEAV™?

You can find our installation instructions here.

How can I clean my SLEAV™?

The silicone piece of your SLEAV is dishwasher safe, but can also be cleaned with with warm water and dish soap.