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    SLEAV Filter Refill. State of the art filtration technology that combines proprietary Scent Trapper Technology with HEPA and carbon material  designed to absorb and eliminate and exhaled vapor and odor.


    For optimal performance, we recommend that you replace your Filter Refill after 250-300 exhales. 


    INCLUDES: (1) Disposable Filter Cartridge.


    **SLEAV™ Case sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great price and number of uses compared to other devices

According to the makers, each filter lasts 250-300 exhales. Which is great compared to others that usually only last 150-200. The price is also great at $10 a pop, so you can't beat that. It also comes packaged well, and their shipping is fast! Got a refill for my starter kit, as the starter kit comes with 1 filter & the rubber holder for your SLEAV and a JUUL (or similar device).

Great little device and can't wait to put it through it's paces in places where vaping requires more discretion.

Trevor Howard
Great product

Great product, does exactly what is described. Significantly cuts down on the vapor and smell from a Pax 3.

Jonathan Southwood
This shit is pretty dope.

Using my S L E A V has been a solid experience. It definitely delivers.

Carey Fowler
Love this product!

I wasn't sure what to expect using these, but they WORK! That's all I can say, I love this product! It works great!

  • FAQs

Will SLEAV™ fit into my pocket? 
Yes, SLEAV™ is only 3.5 x 0.75 x 0.82 inches; it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse.
Is SLEAV™ re-usable? 
Yes, the silicone housing of the SLEAV™ is reusable and dishwasher safe; The only piece you need to replace is the filter cartridge. 

What type of vape pens can I use with my SLEAV™?
SLEAV™ was designed with vape and cannabis users alike. It will filter vapor or smoke exhaled from any vape, pen, paper, or glass piece; however the housing straps are designed to accept devices no larger than .5" x .5".

How often should I replace the disposable filter?
For optimal performance, we recommend that you switch out your filter after 250-300 exhales. 

For a full list of FAQS, click here.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.75 x 0.82 inches

Weight: 1.05 ounces

SKU: 19275229K